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Indian Chicken Curry

Hello my lovelies, 

Welcome to the homewif3 spice range. Our spices are all natural and homemade,  we also have a gluten free range. 

Our spice range covers all your cooking needs, from

  • Tea Spice

  • Chicken spice

  • Spicy Chicken Spice

  • Rice Spice

  • Meat Spice

  • Fish Spice

We listen to your feedback and act on it ,and we have created a paste range, to make your cooking 10x easier and fun . Our paste range includes :

  • Lemon and Herb paste

  • Mild paste

  • Hot paste

What our customers think

" I love these spices a lot. It's perfect for people who are learning to cook and want to experiment. I absolutely recommend this! "