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How We Got Here

Hello my lovelies…., some of you know me from my social media accounts where I gave tips on what I do around my house from cooking, cleaning to educational materials.

I believe that a working family can achieve anything

How we got here 


Scents is very important around our home apart from creating memories, it helps to relax and set the mood in our home, our scents have been created so it can take you all around the world while in the comfort of your home.



“Nothing brings people together like good food”, cooking doesn’t have to be as difficult you just need the right spices, we have blended the right mix of spices so you don’t have to clog up your cupboards with tons of spices all you will need is one of our tubs and your good to go



I'm a mother and understand how important it is for me that my children learn their native language, we worked extremely hard to come up with  a work book that is catered for everyone who wants to learn how to speak Somali, our work book will help both children and adult learn Somali in a simple and fun way so they can interact with family or friends .


I’m looking forward to be sharing a bit of me in your homes, I appreciate all the love the support that I have received from my lovelies while creating my family brand and looking forward to be sharing more soon.

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