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Do you want to make your home smell amazing and inviting!!!

I love when I walk into a room/ front door and I smell nothing but freshness and love it more when my family or guest walk in and are immediately welcomed to a beautiful scent.

I understand how powerful a home's scent makes you feel about your home and the vibe it creates, so I have created a range of scents which will suit any home to feel luxurious and welcoming.

Here are 5 tips on how you can achieve that

1- Open your windows- so the first thing I do in the morning is I open all my windows to let air in and nothing beats fresh air in the room to get rid of smells which has been hanging around over night

2- Empty your bins- Last thing in the evening I'll empty my bins and put in new bags, a little tip which I picked up from my mum was to always add a bit of carpet freshener at the bottom of the bag.

3-Use essential oil diffuser, I love my diffuser because it's so easy to use you just fill it with water, pour in a few drop of homewif3 scents and turn it on, the diffuser creates a fine mist which carries the fragrance in the room.

4- If you don't have a diffuser you could always use your homewif3 scented oil on a candle oil burner which will carry the scent around the room.

5-Spray you fabric furniture with a room spray , you can create your own using water/distilled water, witch hazel and few drops of homewif3 oils in a bottle (make sure you do a patch test) and give it a good shake then your good to go.

Don't forget to visit my shop to buy your oils.

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